February 16, 2006

skype + Google Maps = SKmap - a social networking mashup for skype users

This social networking mashup enables Skype users to search and locate other skype users so they can then exchange information or chat. Users set their location using Lat/Long then define their status... icons are used in user profiles to help determine the level of services they are interested in. Since I'm not a big skype user (although I have used it in the past), I'm sure many will find it to be rather cool... see SKmap at http://www.gatagata.jp/SKSweets/ja/map_ww.html

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is Yahagi@gatagata.jp.
I am SKMap developer and administrator.

1st, thank you for your publishing about SKMap.

The location on SKMap set by user.
And it does not need to be real.
I hope that it is the help of good communication of user.

SKMap server account "sksweets" is in TORINO on SKMap. But, I live in Japan.