February 07, 2006

Smartphones Show no.4 reviewing the i-Mate SP5 is now live over the Internet

Another episode of the smartphone show - a television programme all about smartphones, but broadcast over the Internet - is now available for viewing. The latest episode has a feature about the i-Mate SP5. Steve and the gang do a great job of serving up video casts of the latest mobile devices. This episode features:
* Review of the Windows-Mobile-powered i-Mate SP5
* Palm OS Treo and S60 smartphone tips
* Review of the Nokia N90 imaging smartphone, with Carl Zeiss optics
What is the smartphoneshow? Think of it as a video podcast ('videocast'). Most people are now on broadband around the world and you should have no problems downloading each programme (around 40MB) and watching on your desktop, iPod or smartphone. Have you watched an episode yet? Be sure to check it out on your next coffee break.. I guarantee you'll enjoy it! I particularly like the way Steve rips on the SP5's design issues like the fact that the battery must be removed in order to change the MMC card - definitely a surefire way to anoy users! See

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