February 24, 2006

Suggested GIS and Geospatial Technology Events, 2006

This week I spent a bit of time going over some conference literature in an effort to try and decide which events to hit, which ones sound cool, and what new events might be of interest to GIS users, mashers, and other geospatial technology enthusiasts. I compiled the results into a list of what I bill my Top 15 GIS/Technology events of the coming year. Most are no surprise to you, however, there are a few interesting new events that you might wish to follow or even attend if you happen to have the travel budget. Descriptions of each event are provided along with the requisite contact info and a few notes. To spice it up a bit I've also added a few images from some recent events I've attended and also list off some pointers to smaller regional events and GIS training and a few fun travel tips that you might find useful. See the article"GISuser Suggested Geospatial Technology Events, 2006" HERE - http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/8240/ - Did I miss anything that you would list on your TOP list?

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