March 10, 2006

1000 ESRI developers taking in the first ESRI developer summit - some comments from Clint Brown

Well, the first ESRI developer summit is only days away. Thanks to Clint Brown of ESRI for taking some time to jot down a few comments to some questions I threw at him regarding the summit. He tells us that the crew in Redlands is quite excited that more than 1,000 developers are already planning on attending the summit (nice number for event #1). What excites Clint and crew? Quite simple... "meeting and talking to some of our developer users". Brown also mentions that the peer-to-peer sharing that will transpire between developers should be brisk and will make this event a winner. On the menu for the week-end... two days of ESRI’s own developers and product engineers working with the conference attendees to help them solve their developer problems using ArcGIS and EDN. They will show a bit of what is coming in the 9.2 release, but will focus primarily on helping developers get their jobs done. Another key topic to be addressed includes trying articulate and communicate a framework for what a “GIS developer does” and how a developer should leverage geodatabases, maps, geoprocessing, globes, and so forth in building their application solutions - aka. creating an understanding of what GIS adds to a computing platform. Thanks again to Clint for the feedback. The Dev Summit takes place March 17-18 in Palm Springs, CA - see PS... if Clint brings along his guitar I have no doubt the discussions will continue late into the evening if him and the gang are jamming around the pool!

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