March 05, 2006

Birch looks at what's coming with autodesk Map3D 2007

Here on Vancouver Island, Jason Birch has been doing some homework to dig up what's coming not only in Autodesk 2007, but with Autodesk Map 3D 2007... he's made some interesting findings and has some great leads. For starters, he leads us to Shaan Hurley's Autodesk weblog for a great roundup of what people are saying about 2007 (see He found little to speak about regarding Map 3D and the road ahead, however, he does refer to Taylor Technologies and a nice find ( In short, Jason figures Autodesk is really going to focus on GIS at 2007 (as well as the development of a PostGIS FDO provider wit Mapguide open source) and he makes the following comment... "Autodesk has made a huge leap in allowing us to choose the right geospatial tool for the job." See Jason's Blog on nice stuff!

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