March 24, 2006

Dig VS Dot - digg or slashdot... have em both!

I was skimming Tim O'reilly's blog aka. the O'reilly Radar ( and noticed a very small mention to this interesting new app. I guess, you could call it a mashup that cross-posts the most recently cross-posted items from Digg and slashdot. Cross-posting is all the wave as everyone is in search of traffic and more traffic... ya I try this as well, sometimes blogging here, posting a mention of the blog in a discussion forum, re-blogging it in my Opera weblog, then digging it, yadayada.. why not.. everyone else is doing it! Sometimes the cross-posting trail does get a bit wild though... I recall this week catching wind of something of interest at allaboutsymbian. They had given kudos to a blogger for a nice job. Then, another blogger (Darla Mack) blogs a kudos to AAS for picking up on and mentioning a blog post at S60.. my lord, when does this end. Ok, I'm digressing... see Dig vs Dot at

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