March 09, 2006

Google agrees to pay $90 mln in "click fraud" suit

Are you following Google legal woes in this one... myself I've always been on the fence as to the merits of the Google ads. In the past I've used the ads on websites (not on GISuser) as part of my effort to "play along" with them... convinced that using adwords likely helps in your websearch placement within the search engine... makes sense to take care of your customers right? In a testbed last year I definitely noticed some very odd stuff going on with the Google adsense and adwords reports... in a nutshell, I was spending about 3 times more per month to serve those pesky little text ads and constantly getting keywords falling off, only to get a message from Google stating that I need to increase my PPC (pay per click) to 25 cents up from 10!! On the flip side, revenues from serving ads took a nose-dive during the same period, with monthly revenues being slashed by more than 60%... of course when asking Google about these results I was told that obviously my ads were not performing as well on the site, yadayadayada. It's been a fun test-bed, overall though I'm still skeptical. The google ads provide a nice revenue stream for non-commercial sites, however, anyone depending on this to feed their family will likely be disappointed and the real benefit is having "relevant" content constantly streamed to the website. Paying to have your own ads served is definitely worthwhile, however, effective targeting requires constant monitoring. See more about the litigation at Reuters -

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