March 03, 2006

A JSP Taglibrary for Google Maps

This is pretty cool... the developer of this resource has started a JSP Tag Library to provide GoogleMaps capabilities for those who use JSP. According to the creator, it removes the need for the user to do any javascript/AJAX programming and you do not need to kow the GoogleMaps API. You can integrate easily with javabeans or JSTL to generate database driven maps. The library includes geocoding, some custom overlays (like polygon and circle), and includes mousewheel support for zooming in and out of version 1 maps. See

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Tom Cole said...

I have been working diligently on this project in an attempt to provide just as much of the API capabilities as possible without requiring any (not a single line) of javascript/AJAX code. New versions are available almost daily and I expect that the first fully stable release will be within the next 2 weeks, at which time I will publish some example applications with sourcecode.