March 13, 2006

Naked Booth babes at Technology Trade Shows... what's next??

Naked booth babes sporting body paint spotted at CeBIT... Thanks to Darla Mack ( for the heads-up on this topic... always of interest to exhibitors at conferences, how to entice people to your booth? You can give away gadgets, have an iPod raffle, hire a juggler, or, how about some naked booth babes (well, almost naked if you remove the body paint)?? I have to admit, this definitely wouldn't fly at a Geo event (although it would get some attention...) but at wireless trade shows like CeBit, CTIA, 3GSM, where some 30, 40, or even 100,000 people attend you have to stand out in order to get noticed. Darla notes that we've seen a return to the era of sex selling, however, I don't think we ever left... it's always been effective at selling. How much further can we push the boundaries though?? My take... I agree with darla... it's tasteless... maybe some wireless fashion would be in better taste... it can still be sexy, but maybe leave a bit to the imagination. Of note, one big name technology event even has a website devoted to "booth babes"... ... what next?
(Image source: Darla Mack)

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