March 07, 2006

UNIGIS in North America - Malaspina University-College

A reminder... the UNIGIS program - a worldwide network of educational institutions which offers distance learning courses in GIS - is now being delivered at Malaspina University-College (Vancouver Island, BC). This is a reputable, on-line, non-credit Post Graduate Certificate in Theoretical and Applied GIS and provides comprehensive education and training in GIS. This program utilizes popular GIS software, with emphasis on spatial analysis, real-world applications and cartography. Malaspina is one of 2 Institutions in North America offering the UNIGIS program. More about the MAL U program can be found in the spotlight at - SFU in Vancouver used to be the UNIGIS program in this area for some time but bailed out a couple of years ago and MAL took over. Interesting that the Vanouvcer scool will not promote or even link to Malaspina who has taken over with UNIGIS

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