March 18, 2006

Why pay for arc2earth (A2E)... come on - get a grip!

Ok.. this one is amazing... a reader sends me his response to news about the release of A2E... read on... "Pricing on the arc to google earth???? are you kidding me!!! it should be free! MapInfo's interface to google earth is free. Another reason why I think ESRI is out to pinch me for every penny (realistically thousands of dollars) just my .02 cents - that is exactly what ESRI should charge me (.02) for interfacing with Google Earth!!!!!!! I would gladly pay that price."
Well, obviously this reader is totally clued-out and has no idea that the A2E extension is a commercial product that took months to develop and is now being distributed at a very reasonable price to users of a commercial product. Sorry but this kind of naive response kills me... what next?? Any thoughts? The reader also seems to be under the impression that Google Earth is totally free and that serving apps via google is also totally free... think again and read all the licensing, the API is open but there are obviously limitation in your use of these tools.

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Christian Maire said...

Yes, I agree completely. Not to mention that MapInfo itself is not free, and A2E is not even an ESRI product!