March 01, 2006

Windows Live Expo Beta Now Available -

I almost missed this one from Microsoft... it explains where they are heading with Live and how all the pieces seem to be coming into place. Notice the crucial role that geography and geo-tagging is to the online classifieds market... From the news - Most classified advertising services generalize product location by a pre-defined city location, regardless of where in the city the product is located. However, all products and services listed in Windows Live Expo are geographically identified, or geo-tagged, by ZIP code, not city, which specifically defines where the product is located. Windows Live Expo customers also have the option to search for items within a radius as small as 25 miles or as large as the entire United States, making it easier to define a search. Windows Live Expo listings are also integrated with MSN's satellite-image- based Windows Live Local so customers can view maps and aerial imagery of neighborhoods they may want to live in. Some other facts about Live Expo - Windows Live Expo is integrated with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Local mapping. Products listed in Windows Live Expo are geo-tagged and fully integrated with Windows Live Local, which can help users map, for example, the location of a prospective new home to see if it really is a "waterfront property" like a listing may say. The Windows Live Expo beta is available at 

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