July 31, 2006

Come on CNN (Nancy Grace) , how about citing the mashup source in your reports!

The other day I was clicking around and found myself on CNN watching a report on a reported sexual predator. What caught my attention was the fact that "reporter" and show host Nancy Grace referenced some analysis that she had done for the show to reveal several hundred sexual predators that resided in the area in question for the show. What struck me as odd was that the map was clearly a screen shot captured using a Google Mashup -- I'm 99% sure that the mashup used was the Florida Sexual predator mashup from AlertDude (one that I have hyped in the past for its excellence) -- the problem... CNN and NAncy Grace made no attempt to provide credit to the website for providing the map used on the show... pretty sad. Hopefully the developer will follow up and contact CNN about this. For more on the sexual predator mashup see this feature in our Gallery or jump to http://www.alertdude.com/

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