August 21, 2006

3 things to remember on your next cover letter and resume

Guy Kawasaki recently devoted a whole week of blog posts to career & professional development. He had a couple of "experts" critique a cover letter and resume for a job posting. A couple of very good tips came out of this and hopefully these items may help one of you score that dream job. 3 good things to remember when you send out your next cover letter and resume:
- try to highlight what you did most recently not at the beginning of your career
- The point of the cover email is to catch the attention of the “recruiter” and entice them to read further. It should call out items of interest that would otherwise not be covered in the resume.
- What often lacks is the “so what.”  If you focus on something very important that you did, why was it so important and how did it impact the company?
All good things to remember.. thanks Guy! See

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