August 15, 2006

Do you know who handles your domain name registration? Beware

Do you know who manages your domain name registration? You best be careful or you could get screwed around big time! Some advice.. recently I had a really bad experience with a company that handles some of my domain name registrations (luckily its only my personal and secondary stuff.. not all the important ones!!) I renewed 3 domain names and paid the annual fee via credit card, no problemo. Then, low-and-behold, about 2 weeks later the updates hadn't taken effect. Naturally I'm getting weirded out thinking that I may lose the rights to the domains. So I start contacting the company via the contact form, tech support etc... I do this over and over again and get nothing back, no feedback, nada. So now I'm getting really weirded out and move a couple of the more important domains over to godaddy... luckily the move takes effect. So, I continue to try to get in touch with them to no avail. Naturally, I decide to do the smart thing and I totally flip out on their tech support via email.... really, it was a masterpiece! Their reaction... they yank the freaking plug on all my domains.. yes that's right.. now none of them are accessible, and get this, they have locked them up so that I can't transfer any of them... NICE! NEedless to say that I'm pretty much prepared to rip someone's head off. I'm still battling with them and hearing nothing, thankfully I have a friend who does webhosting for me and also handles domain reg. so he's slowly having luck getting the names moved but its a real pain. So, let this be a lesson.. use only reputable firms (tucows, godaddy etc...) and NEVER ever use - lesson learned! Obviously I'd love to go legal on these guys but it really isn't a feesible option


Andrew said...

I am just now dealing with a similar problem. I used to use SpyMac - and have tried transfering multiple times, but SpyMac recently sold their registrar to another company who pulled the plug. I had to pay $$$ to have them "restore" the domain, and I'm *still* trying to get it all transfered.

It's definitely worth not skimping on Domain Registration. You're trusting that company with your trademark.

GISuser said...

Got some more info from ICANN... this is interesting!

Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that the company listed in your
complaint is not an ICANN-accredited registrar.. Many companies that are not accredited by ICANN offer domain
registration services -- some are reselling names obtained from
accredited registrars. However, ICANN does not accredit resellers or
hosting companies. Please see for a complete
list of ICANN-accredited registrars. As a courtesy to you, we will
forward your complaint to the sponsoring registrar of the domains (ENOM)
for assistance.

Best regards,


James Fee said...

I learned this lesson years ago. Since about 1997 I've used PairNIC and couldn't be happier. They are not even close to cheap, but you get what you pay for.

GISuser said...

Well, today (about 5 days after I started ranting to jumpdomain "Scott" sends me this message... Nobody is messing with your account. If you are having a problem, let us know exactly what is happening and the domain name and we will look into it.

I told scott to take a hike and that their support sucks. I also told him I was moving all my business elsewhere. If you aren't sure if your domain reg company is reputable then check with ICANN and look into moving your WWW's before its too late - godaddy offers 2 years for $14!

Bill said...

It is a very good lesson especially for the beginners. However, all of us are learning from our mistakes.