August 08, 2006

ESRI UC session - A Look at ArcPad 7 - part of ESRI's mobile GIS strategy

My next stop is the session on ArcPad 7 and the road ahead to 7.1 - for release Q2, 2007.
ArcPad 7 overview and recent timeline – recall 7 was released at end of last year with added support for range finders and digital cameras as well as many other major enhancements. SP1 was released in May 5, 2006 (added fix for Trimble’s GPS correct 2.0.
7.0.1 planned on release shortly after the UC
ArcPad 7.1 target release date Q2, 2007
Recall GeoCollector was announced about 2 weeks ago – it’s a professional mobile GIS/GPS solution bundling Trimble GeoExplorer pro GPS handheld pre-loaded with ArcPad 7 SP1along with Trimble’s GPSCorrect 2.0 – alos includes a license of GPS Analyst extension for ArcGIS desktop

What is ArcPad 7 Part of ESRI’s overall mobile strategy – a mobile GIS app for field mapping applications. Allows input from GPS receivers, range finders, digital cameras and other devices. Includes out-of-box display functionality enabling data editing and analysis as well as support for extensive customization –extending the Geodatabase to the field.

Enhancements for ArcPad 7
- improved performance
- enhanced editing (snap, undo, repeat, segemented lines)
- camera and rangefinder support
- improved symbology and labeling
- support for graphics layer (for redlining)
- import/export tools for ArcGIS
- customization with new wizards for creating forms - no programin required (nice!)
stay tuned for more

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