August 02, 2006

ESRI User conference FAQ

I just received a list of questions from a reader who's off to San Diego for the first time to attend the ESRI user conference. He asked:
How could get get a hold of a ticket for the Thursday night party?
What's the name of the place with 100 beers on tap?
Is Dick's last resort a nice place to take my girlfriend?
Well, naturally I told him the following:
- try placing a notice (envelope) on the boards at the conference (upper level) asking for a donation of a spare ticket for the party - this is a common way to get one. You can also listen to people to hear if they are leaving early and can't make it (like yours truly) These people have spare tickets to donate.
- the bar with loads of beers is the Yardhouse and its awesome. They likely have the best happy hour deal in town too with amazing appies at half price!
- Dick's... she'll like it if she's the kind of girl that wouldn't mind leaving her bra behind to hang off the ceiling as a keepsake... say no more!!
Got an ESRI UC question? Post it here or to me and no doubt we can find an answer.

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