August 24, 2006

Google Earth fly-over imagery available for relocation of Ramses II

Tracking Ramses using GE.. Archaeology enthusiasts, Egyptian history buffs, or simply anyone interested in great feats of engineering can witness Ramses' 24-hour journey from Cairo in Google Earth with the click of a  mouse. This historic 16-mile relocation has been documented as a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file which will overlay this route in Google Earth or Google Maps on the Google Blog at: - Some background info... For over 50 years, exhaust
fumes from trains, cars and buses, as well as subway vibrations, have been damaging the 3,200+ year old granite statue at Ramses
Square, its home since the early 1950s, when it was taken from a temple at the site of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis.

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