August 23, 2006

Is your website .mobi ready? Check out this emulator

Are you familiar with .mobi (dot-mobi) yet? you know, the TDL reserved for "mobile" domains. Many inn the industry feel its pretty much un-necessary and perhaps even nothing more than another big cash grab, however, with one third of the global population -- 2.29 billion people -- connected via mobile phones today you can't really argue with the fact that maybe .mobi isn't a bad idea after all! If you'd like to see what your favorite website looks like on the latest mobile devices try out this emulator (using the spiffy nokia N70 Symbian smartphone) The .mobi emulator allows you to see how Web sites look by "emulating" a real mobile phone Internet browser. Take note: many websites are not mobile compliant yet so don't be too surprised if you get errors - most popular portals will have a WAP friendly site that will be detected by your mobile browser. If you have cash to burn you can register your own .mobi domain at - my personal feelings though are that its a waste of $$ why not simply setup etc...

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