August 17, 2006

Late night reading and 10 things about Glenn you may or may not know

In keeping up with the frequently posted top 10 lists, I thought I'd share with some of you 10 things that you might not know about me. The wife and kids are all gone for the night, I'm just defragging my hard-disk and removing loads of crapware, spyware, spamware, and whathaveyou ware from the PC and the notebook. Thus, here's a bit of a filler that you might find interesting or you may not give a crap about... regardless, enjoy!
Ten things about Glenn that you likely didn't know: (no particular order)
1. I do infact have a degree in Geography and the focus of my education was on GIS and urban geography
2. I was likely destined for a career in remote sensing until the funding for a very cool internship I was scheduled for fell through in 1991
3. I've never been much of a programmer, however, I was at one time "fluent" as a GIS Analyst with a number of platforms including PC ArcInfo (remember that product), AutoCAD MAP, MapInfo (4 I think), Genamap (if you have to ask then forget it... it's a long story), PAMAP (this was one a staple in the forest industry up here), QuikMap, and a few others.
4. I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia (although you'd never guess that if you heard me speak)
5. I'm 42 (ya I know, I look like I'm 32 and act like I'm 22!) and I have WAY too many "Geo" t-shirts
6. I've circumnavigated the Queen Charlottes (if you're thinking "big deal" then you've never been there - it's spectacular)
7. I have no spleen (I lost it in an ATV crash on x-mas eve, 1985 in Northern New Zealand - I was water skiing 2 weeks later!)
8. I multi-task obsessively and rarely ever take the time to run spell-check on anything... can you tell?
9. I have 3 kids (ages 11, 9 and 4) 2 of them are born on St. Patrick's Day
10. I love to travel and I can knock off 4 or 5 18 hour days in a row at a conference, with social events every night too (must be the Canadian in me!)
11. the coolest place I've ever been is Fiji & S Island of New Zealand (a tie) and the place I'd like most to visit is Dubai & New York (a tie!)
I could go on but I don't want to bore you too much (feel free to ask me a question if you want)... oh, defrag is done... PS: have you backed up your work recently? If not, DO IT before it's too late!

One more thing... I love micro-brews too!


Mr Minton said...

You are a brave soul. So much revelation. It is nice to know that all of us GIS-sorts have lives beyond lats and lons. Enjoy visiting your site on occassions. Now it has a personality, beyond the GIS.

Mr Minton
San Diego CA

Anonymous said...

Glenn doesn't just use a password for his computer login, he uses the 1 meter USNG grid coordinates for his birthplace.