August 30, 2006

A mashup developer tip - mapicons from TerraIMS

I just stumbled onto an interesting developer of mashups and much more at TerraIMS. These developers not only have some very cool mashups but they also have several innovative solutions including an Internet Map Server (IMS), and a very cool product called mapIcons - map marker visualization for Google™ Maps and Yahoo! Maps. mapicons includes a comprehensive library of high-quality PNG graphics files that can be used in any map 'mashup'... how sweet is that? No more boring pushpins or simple bullets, balloons or dots for symbolizing your mashup. Check out the sample map gallery including the following mashups:
State of Oregon DMV locations
Recent earthquakes around the Globe
Oh, by the way, mapiconos is totally free!! See

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Andy Morsell said...

It should be pointed out that the icons are free as long as you post link to their web site on any page you use the icons on.

"All users must include the following HTML link on a web page that uses terra IMS™ mapicons:

a href=""img src="" alt="mapicons powered by terra IMS TM" width="80" height="37" border="0"

Please note that we track IP addresses and verify that web pages that use our mapicons are in compliance with the mapicons software license. Please download these images to your own web server --do not link directly to the images on our web site. Thank You."