August 22, 2006

A new bundle - Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro

Autodesk, Inc. today announced the availability of a new government geospatial bundle that combines Autodesk’s powerful GIS products with Google Earth Pro. The bundle is called the Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro, and is available on the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Schedule 70. According to the company, The comprehensive nature of this bundle supports the increasingly widespread adoption of GIS technology by virtually all government business users. Some details...

The Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro is available exclusively to government agencies through DLT Solutions, Inc., the Autodesk Master Government Reseller. It includes the following core software applications:

Autodesk Map 3D 2007 – Delivers practical mapping functionality to engineers and geospatial professionals for integrating CAD (computer-aided design) and GIS (geographic information system) information.

Autodesk Raster Design 2007 – Provides the ability to visualize and manage raster images, including georeferenced image files, aerial photographs, digital elevation models in an integrated environment.

Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise® 2007 – Enables technical workgroups to quickly and easily create HTML-based applications that integrate numerous GIS live datasets. You can also use MapGuide to publish all your Autodesk, Intergraph and ESRI geospatial content for viewing in Google Earth Pro.

Google Earth Pro – Provides maximum ease of use for business users who require access to a blend of spatial data and integrates full-earth datasets with robust, highly detailed datasets from a variety of sources.

More information on the Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro can be found at or jump to


Anonymous said...

Blogging a press release? Come now Glenn, you can do better than that!

GISuser said...

well, it is PR but it's pretty interesting, you have to admit.. also, atleast I sign my name to my posts and I never claimed that it was anything other than press... ok I'll move on, besides.. why am I explaining myself to someone called "Anonymous"???. If you want to rag on me go right ahead.. hell, that's what the blog is for, but maybe consider signing your post next time for a little more added credibility. Anyway, moving on here, seeing Earth Pro bundled in a commercial solution is pretty signifigant as many of us have been trying to figure out the business model here.. sureley advertising isn't the only revenue stream.. this is now obvious. Also, seeing Google Earth, maps, and likely Yahoo!, Microsoft and others making a move into the enterprise is very important in our space.

dp said...

Nothing wrong with posting significant releases, as long as you claim it as on Glenn.