August 11, 2006

A new S60 moblogging app (Beta) and more ranting on my carrier - Rogers wireless

A new moblogging tool for you to consider. By now many of you know that I'm always pushing the Symbian S60 smart phone lineup, particularly the new N series devices.. these bad boys are powerful, and feature rich, designed to support mobile entertainment, media, and multi-tasking. PixSense is a new way of taking, sharing, and managing pictures and videos captured with your camera phone. PixSense makes taking, sharing, and managing pictures with camera phones really easy; it makes it so simple, that all you do is Click, and then you're Done. Test drive the application with your smartphone by visiting - oh, speaking of smart phones... kudos to Rogers Wireless here in Canada who decided to cut off my phone because I went slightly over in my current billing. I guess sending them between $100 and $200 every month for the last 2 freaking years hasn't made me a good enough customer for them. So, while I'm in San Diego for a week getting whacked on roaming charges, moblogging, text messaging, etc.. and consuming data services I wound up racking up my bill so their solution, turn it off! I then call their 1-800 number, go through a crapload of useless voice prompting options until 10 minutes later I can reach a real person... hey Rogers.. you guys suck! PS: I did eventually make a payment and reinstate my plan

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