August 08, 2006

note on 9.2 and the personal and workgroup ArcSDE

Some random thoughts and notes fromm Clint Brown's discussion on the geodatabase at 9.2:
Introducing at 9.2 – personal and workgroup ArcSDE
Personal – included with ArcInfo and ArcEditor, 3 usaers at a time, 1 editor
Workgroup – part of workgroup ArcGIS server, any number of users supported
- admin and manage both using ArcCatalog
- - no DBA required
- limited to the use of 1 GB RAM and once cocket
- max size up to 4GB per geodatabase
- managed with ArcCatalog

New at 9.2 – a terrain dataset – pts and lines used to create a TIN, user defines rules for resolution, scale etc…useful for the integration and management of LIDAR data.
A rondom quote... "I think a lot of you will be collecting LIDAR soon" (Clint Brown)

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