August 04, 2006

A Request for participation in a survey on Canada's strengths in science and technology (S&T)

The Council of Canadian Academies is conducting a web-based survey as an important part of the Council's study of Canada's strengths in science and technology, where S&T is interpreted broadly to encompass all areas of formal knowledge and its application, including the social sciences and humanities. Motivation for the Survey -- To help set the context for the government's consideration of S&T policy, Industry Canada has asked the Council of Canadian Academies ( to report on the scientific disciplines and technology applications in which Canada excels in a global context. One key part of the Council study is a roughly 20-minute web-based survey that is being launched today. Importance of the Survey -- To provide the Government of Canada with a comprehensive, up-to-date picture of the nation's S&T assets, the Council is consulting a wide range of informed opinion on this issue. You can take part in the survey at

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