August 08, 2006

Sidenote - GIS Job Boards and Thursday night party tickets

A thought... here at the covention center the JOB boards are in a new location this year and not in th ehallway outside the main session rooms. you need to run through the map gallery and enter the public Internet access area. The job boards are already getting very full, with about 10 posting boards jam packed with great job opportunities. There's also loads of resumes there for job seekers and anyone looking for or having in their posession extra or unneeded tickets for the Thursday night party are encouraged to give them up there. Speaking of that I have access to a couple of tickets to the very fun Thursday night party. If you need them try to find me and ask me about them... I'm glad to help out someone in need (unfortunately I won't be here thursday night for the Irish-themed bash in the park)

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