August 02, 2006

Sony GPS geolocates images, video etc.. captured with Sony cameras

Woohoo, another GPS-enabled camera. This time it's Sony who's meeting the demand. I recall about 5 years ago that I was one of the first to write about the very cool Kodak FIS265 (I think) which was a GPS-enabled camera with a nifty arcview extension. It made migrating digital images with geocoding into arcview GIS a snap. The Kodak unit never did take off as it got no support from Kodak, although there was huge demand for such a device but folks in our industry. Looks like Sony is now entering the space with a device. From the PR... "With the new GPS-CS1 GPS unit, still images shot with latest Cyber-shot digital cameras, Handycam camcorders or the α100 D-SLR camera can be enhanced with satellite-based positional information. Using Sony Picture Motion Browser software, images can be displayed at exactly the place they were taken in an online map. The GPS-CS1 can hold 31MB of data, equivalent to approximately one month of tracking and recording for 12 hours per day. Recorded data can then be downloaded from the GPS-CS1 via the supplied USB cable to a PC running Sony GPS Image Tracker software. Look for the dev ice in Europe later this summer. What kind of geotagging app are you using for your images?? See more in the announcement at - oh... is anyone out there still using the Kodak FIS265??

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