September 08, 2006

another ESRI uc conference video and creepy cello guy??

I was just surfing youtube and found a 7 minute video from the ESRI UC. The video was posted by a group that calls themselves gisnation (sorry but I'm not familiar with them - think veryspatial knock-off!). Anyway, 3 gisers offer up a 7 minute take on the conference from the comfort of their hotel room (actually it looks like a motel) One funny bit though is their reference to "creepy cello guy"... if you were at the event and walked around the upper level you may have seen this guy and yes indeed, he was a bit creepy! The cello playinng was pretty nice but the whole package was definitely creepy. Made me think of middle age Fabio crossed with Mick Jager, gone classical! Anyway, turns out "cello guy" is actually a pro and has his own website etc... if you want more info about cello guy see Marston Smith's website at - if you want to see the ESRI videoblog see youtube and search "gisnation"


GISnation said...

Hey! We aren't knocking off Very Spatial- we love them! just wanted to try to bring some fun and video related to GIS. Thanks for the post!

-Kyle, GISnation

aranguy said...

I think the creepy cello guy is hillarious!

And his website is really pretty nice.


Ryan.Arp said...

Even though I went to UC 2005, I remember CCG.. Pretty amazing on so many levels. I think a CCG mashup is in order.