September 16, 2006

Blogger Beta issues and problems to date

Well it's been about a week since I "upgrade" the blog to blogger beta. Some of the new features are really great - like the labels (ie. categories) and the posting is much faster. The new templates are quite cool and robust too. However, some of the pittfualls I've noticed so far are really starting to piss me off! Some of the anoying features that I would call bugs:
- making edits to the layout will quite often not save. Particualrly, if you make multiple edits saving never seems possible. the only workaround seems to be to save your template after every addition or change. Also, adding to template elements will not save unless you change the order of an element, then saving becomes a valid option.
- problems with the import. Seems like only the items on the first page of the blog are viewable and attempting to view any older posts results in an error... that's really disturbing!
That's it for now... 2 things but to me, these are HUGE issues... stay tuned for more about blogger beta

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