September 05, 2006

CBS News now with Katie Couric and available via Google Earth KML

I've always been an NBC news guy but now that Katie Couric has taken over the lead anchor on the evening news at CBS I may have to try switching that dial at 6 o'clock. Add to that, I can now access CBS headline news updates using Google Earth as they are now streaming KMLs to users... sweet!
On a side note, kudos to my GISuser friend Warren Vick over at Europa Technologies... way cool seeing that company credit front and center when you fire up Google earth...nice stuff Warren! Google has licensed Europa's International borders and place names for use in Earth - check out their global Discovery vector data product at - this is THE dataset for small scale mapping projects and those needing a Global database

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Ken H. said...

The CBS folks need to add KML mime types to their server. Right now when I click the link in Firefox it only shows the XML and doesn't launch the GE viewer.

For anyone else that would like to have KML automatically launch Google Earth from your OWN website, add this to the mime type directory:

application/ kml
application/ kmz