September 24, 2006

finally, add posts to Digg and is enabled - a tip for adding this to your Blogger beta blogs

A little Sunday evening searching around and I now have the DiggIt and add to functionality on the blogs.. woohoo. I have to say it was a snap although the fact that I'm now using blogger beta was a slight challenge. Thanks to this great tip from Hackosphere I simply grabbed the code that I needed and voila.. 2 minutes later we have lift off! The hacker has generously provided tips and the code needed to add this functionality to blogger beta blogs. Thos of you that have vanilla blogger blogs and want to add this functionality to your blog you can get the code here. Finally... if you don't know what Digg or is then you better do some research! Try clicking the diggIt or add to hyperlink below this post and check it out...

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