September 21, 2006

Google trends on Maps and Canadians

Poking around Google Trends, I entered a few terms and found something interesting.. what is it about the term "maps" and Canadians? Interesting to notice that many of the top 10 locations where searches for maps come from are in Canada. Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and toronto are all in the top 10... Do Canadians get lost more often or are they simply more interested in geography?? hmmmm. See the results here - for fun, how about this trend of ESRI vs Autodesk - not very useful but kind of interesting! Finally, the trend in a search for GIS Data tells us that most searches for this term come from Fort Collins and Denver, CO

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Jason Birch said...

I find this one interesting:

Especially that the most searches for ArcIMS come from ESRI's home town and that the most searches for MapGuide come from (I think) the MapGuide development HQ :)