September 22, 2006

Jason's notes from FME user conference - Vancouver

Leave it up to Jason Birch to provide us with an update from the FME user conference taking place yesterday and today in Vancouver. Jason gives a brief run down about the event including reports on the intro plenary, some session notes, a report from FME Idol and more... great stuff Jason! An interesting pointer to some FME art and JAson's always candid but up front comments are a welcomed addition to the blog... I like the note to Autodesk! See Jason's FME notes here. Always tough to get up to the minute event info, I'd suggest down the road organizers like this and others might look at posting a team event blog where their crew can blog away from the event. O'reilly does this for all their conferences and its awesome! ... or, maybe invite yours truly to the event and I;ll be glad to blog for you ;0)

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