September 25, 2006

Jason's Random Notes from the FME user conference - day 2

More random notes from last week's FME user conference are now available from Jason's weblog... nice job again Jason! No need to apologize for anyone about the delay in posting... in my opinion "real-time" blog postings from any event are highly over-rated! There's this mentality out there that everyone wants to be first in posting about anything.. sure it may get you some traffic but unless you have something to say then what's the big hurry? Also, unless you have amazing resources at your disposal then I've always found that your time at any event is best spent listening, learning, and schmoozing! You pay allot of $$ to attend events so you need to focus on the task at hand. If you happen to have a notebook and reliable WI-FI then blog away - to date I've found that O'reilly events are about the only ones where I can really do this well and efficiently (mostly since everyone else is doing it too!)... otherwise, summarizing events when you have some time is typically the safest solution. If you have to decide between having a couple of drinks with some new friends at an event or running away to go post to your blog, shmoozing with colleagues is definitely the choice you should make. Keep up the great work Jason and enjoy the celeb status ;0)  See

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