September 22, 2006

more Geospatial artwork from Schiller

More on Geospatial Art... check out this weblog from Nikolas Schiller... he's developed some very unique and interesting Google map mashups that depict "geospatial art" as he describes it. These "quited" scenes have been developed using public domain geospatial data products from the USGS. An amazing display of art patchwork from around the country are shown.. simply pan around the map and select from the icons presented. The DC area has laods of details and lots of art work to browse... quite amazing really! See - Green party members will love his Green party mashup!

1 comment:

Nikolas R. Schiller said...

I'm glad you enjoy my cartographic creations.

I'll send you a link to the photos from North, South, East, Westminster shortly.