September 29, 2006

More laptop battery recalls from Sony and Dell

Gee, more battery recalls.. wouldn't it be simpler to just replace all of them? Now it seems that Sony has launched a recall, and Dell has expanded their earlier battery recall. I'm hoping mine will make the list soon as I'd really like to grab a bettery unit... eventhough I elected to "upgrade" to a high power battery I still only seem to be able to get 3 hours at best out of this long-life unit... although, being able to cook bacon and eggs on the unit after it heats up is an added bonus ;0) See also


Anonymous said...

It says Fujitsu and Toshiba started a recall and Dell expanded its recall. Sony has not yet recalled batteries for Sony laptops but is expected to so soon.

The article you cite says:
"Fujitsu has said it will announce a broad recall across 19 of its laptop lines, although it did not specify an exact number. Meanwhile, Toshiba announced a new recall affecting 830,000 laptops, and Dell said it was recalling an additional 100,000 units as part of its current recall."

Anonymous said...

It isn't documented very well, but if you do go to the Dell battery recall site, remember that even though the code on your battery may obviously be printed as zeros and ohs, (0 & O), all the Os (alpha) need to be converted to ZEROES (numeric) when entered in the battery checking algorithm/form/web page!
Great database work and coding there, eh?