September 16, 2006

No, now what?

Off topic but kind of interesting... here in Western Canada on a Saturday afternoon word has it that all the POS was out of serv ice... you know, point-of sale! Add to that, people at banks here on Vancouver Island were telling me that the "outage" in service also affected ATM machines as well... essentially that meant there was no use of debit cards for purchases, no ATM cash withdrawls etc... so if you don't have cash, credit cards or a cheque you are out of luck. I can't imagine now actually having a credit card of a cheque but there are actually people that don't (I know, I can hardly believe that myself!) I was in the bank doing some bizness and there was a lineup of people tearing into the poor bank clerks... like it was really their fault! One guy was so ticked because he couldn't buy any building supplies for his business.. ok, lemme get this straight... the guy runs a home building business and has no credit card or cheques??? Anyway, it's been an interesting social experiment if anything, simply observing people's reaction to being told that their ATM cards are useless... if anything, I'm all for it... imagine, my wife has no use of the ATM card for the day... woohooo!

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Jason Birch said...

Hey Glenn,

I'm pretty sure that at least for a while it was just the credit union cards. I used my card in a couple places right after people with credit union cards got declined.