September 22, 2006

To Review or not -- Joel Rips on Sprint and the LG Fusic

A bit of fun here... To review or not to review... it's always interesting to read product or application reviews. Typically media outlets get stuck in the middle as many people request them to review their goodies.. but what to do when a big company sends you their stuff and you want to rip on it? I had the pleasure this morning of reading a weblog (Joel on software) who reviewed a "music" phone and a network service provided by Sprint and man, this guy totally ripped on the device. I have to say it was rather refreshing to see such an honest take. Here's a few tidbits from the review:
- there’s no better way to make me not want to write about something than to ask me to write about it
- The phone they sent me, an LG Fusic, is really quite awful, and the service, Power Vision, is tremendously misconceived and full of dumb features
- Overall this phone seriously looks like a Fisher Price toy
- I have literally never seen such a useless MP3 player
- No amount of pampering bloggers and calling them Ambassadors is going to get around the fact that you’re sending us plastic junk phones that look like bath toys
Wow.. talk about being honest! Anyone care to have this guy review your app or device? I dare you ;0) - See the review at

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