September 26, 2006

topless sunbathers in Google Earth... come on, gimme a break!

Now the Sydney Morning Herald has reached rock bottom by trying to capture headlines and traffic by borrowing the keyword "google earth" in their latest ploy. In a rediculous article the paper is now "reporting" that google Earth users are now invading people's privacy and that nude sun bathers are now fearful of having their privacy intruded upon... come on man.. gimme a break and report some real news. Until Google Eath starts serving up sub centimeter imagery I'll likeley hold off trying to see my neighbor bathing by her pool. Add do that, Joe average still seems to thinnk that google Earth streams real-time or near real time images that are constantly updated by the "google Satellite"... amazing the ignorance that is out there surrounding this service. I'm not sure about you, but when I look at the images in question I can hardly even recognize that there's a human on that roof top let alone a nude person... LOL - the Sydney Herald should check out some local governments capturing high-res, low-altitude aerial imagery using the like of the Intergraph ZI Imaging DMC etc... now there's high-res imagery!

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