September 06, 2006

update on the Free DRG internet archive movement

According to the most recent news update over at the DRG ransom project, the uploading of the DRGs to the Internet ARchive server should commence soon. According to the author (Jared) they will hopefully be available soon. From ... "The hard drive full of maps arrived at the Internet Archive today. The maps have already been transferred to a temporary staging server. We hope to make them available for download with a very minimal web front-end soon". Note, once completed the DRGs that the GIS community reimbursed Jared some $1600+ for will be freely accessible to all via the Internet Archive. More on this effort can be found at the Libre Map Project - and the Internet archive can be found at Does anyone have any more info or background about the Internet Archive org? I'd love to hear some comments on this movement.

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Nate said...

The Internet Archive has been around for at quite some time now. I've personally been downloading live shows from it for at least three or four years, and have also used its "Wayback Machine" to reminisce about the good 'ole days.