October 02, 2006

Asian Remote Sensing Research Survey

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. and NOAA Satellite and Information Service are asking geospatial professionals to help out by completing an Asian Remote Sensing Research Survey. According to the company "Your industry knowledge and insight is needed to complete this valuable industry research." Similar to the first survey, the new project will study aerial and space-borne remote sensing trends and activities in more than 20 Asian countries, including Australia. Global Marketing Insights has tailored a series of online surveys covering issues relating to eight sectors of the remote sensing market: aerial film, aerial digital, aerial sensors, satellites, commercial end users, value added hardware and software, academic and government. The survey will take five-minutes to complete. Simply select the appropriate survey that best represents the area that you are employed in or affiliated with and you may complete more than one survey as you see fit.  Survey Link - http://www.empliant.com/NOAA-remote-sensing-research

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