October 15, 2006

AutoCAD DWF Tech tip

DWF Tip - here's an interesting app for those of you working with DWF - Autoshred DWF. AutoShred-DWF enables users to create and share files in DWF format while retaining continuous control over how the information may be used by recipients, both inside and outside the corporate firewall. More info from the developer... Very simply, AutoShred-DWF lets you impose usage restrictions by way of permissions on any piece of content:
  • Preventing cutting, copying, pasting, or modifying the information in any way
  • Blocking screen captures of the content you secure
  • Securely encrypting your information for in-transit protection
  • Letting you impose an automatic shred date on the files that you share
  • Deleting your files from the recipients' machines on the shred date
Did I mention registration is Free! See http://www.pinionsoftware.com/Autodesk/AutoShredDWF.php (Thanks to Scott for the tip on this one! - http://dwf.blogs.com/beyond_the_paper/)

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