October 24, 2006

Autodesk DWF Viewer and Autodesk Design clash with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

From the In case you missed it department.... With people "considering" updating their IE web browser to the latest and "greatest" you have to wonder how often this topic is going to come up in the near future! This update comes from the Beyond the paper blog... Autodesk DWF Viewer and Autodesk Design Review are not compatible with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. These three Autodesk applications use HTML as part of their menuing interfaces and are impacted by Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 operation. Uninstalling Internet Explorer 7 and reverting to Internet Explorer 6 does not restore Autodesk functionality, because the supporting libraries from the Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate are left in place. (Source: http://dwf.blogs.com/beyond_the_paper/2006/10/autodesk_produc.html)

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