October 12, 2006

CanadaMap Office to Remain Open (for now) and printing Paper maps

This update has been circulating on some of the various Canadian map library and geography lists regarding the closure (make that non-closure) of the Canada Map Office. This comes from the GIS Coordinator, Maps, Data and Government Information Centre, Carleton University Library... On the morning of October 11, 2006 the Map Uses Advisory Committee was contacted by Kathleen Olson, Acting Director of Communications to the Minister of Natural Resources. Ms. Olson wanted to make key stakeholders groups aware of Minister Lunn’s recent decision to keep the Canada Map Office open. According to Ms. Olson, “as soon as this was brought to Minister Lunn’s attention he recognized the need to continue this service to stakeholders and Canadians”.

So, for now it seems that a vocal group of mapping professionals and academics have halted the closure of the Canada Map Office which would have meant stopping the printing of paper maps by the Government agency. Apparently the thought of regional partners and agencies handling the on demand printing service was not a suitable option for many so for now the offics remains.
A visit to the map office home page (http://maps.nrcan.gc.ca/distribution_e.php) provides this message: Customers are reminded that the Canada Map Office no longer distributes maps directly to the public. We recommend the purchase of National Topographic System maps, aeronautical charts, and National Atlas of Canada publications from any of over 900 map dealers across Canada, the United States and overseas.

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