October 05, 2006

chacha search engine... searching the web with a real, live person helping you!

I just read an article about a new search engine called ChaCha. It offers up basic search apparently using the dmoz open directory results (I think). It also has a guided search where a real person holds your hand and helps with your search. Apparently these are staffers (paid inn the area of $5 hr) to help you locate what you need. I had ChristinaL helping me but I have to say I'm still on the fence. In a test for "california Digital raster graphics" I enter the string in an "IM-ish" dialogue box and wait for my helper to come up with some hits. Using their vanilla search the results I find are weak to say the least. My CA DRG search which should comme up with CASIL you would think, has the state of Californa as #1, the CA constitution as #2, and the CA Libertarian party as #3... I think I'll stick with Google for now! Oh... I'm still waiting for my helper to get back to me with something useful... LOL - see www.chacha.com and try for yourself, it's quite amusing... apparently they need guides too! Oh, now my guide tells me to wait while she finds something for me.. about 4 minutes later I'm still waiting. As I wait I go and check out their blog... to my amazement this commpany has recently been written up in countless magazines and was even featured on Good Morning America... Jesus man, for what??? Obviously they have a great PR team working for them. I have no idea why this would garner so much attention... reminds me of the dot.bomb days of the 90s! I decide to give the engine a second test this time looking for "symbian S60 freeware"... i wait about 2 minutes and my guide "LaShanna" finds a few results and the one I expected came up number 1 (from SymbianOne.com) ... ok, kind of cool I guess but do people have time for this? Not sure, although the feelilng of having a real person with you is kind of interesting. I have to wonder how often they get propositioned though!

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Chris Meadows said...

Yeah, I don't know whether ChaCha.com is going to make it in the long haul, myself. I still remember the glory days of the dot-com boom and Themestream, the site that paid people for blogging before anyone even knew what blogging was. I made a couple thousand bucks off of that before they went under.

I wonder how much I can make from chacha.com before they go down?

Incidentally, if anyone would like an invitation to become a chacha.com guide, email me. I'll be happy to shoot one off to you.