October 23, 2006

the definitive retro CAD newsletter, almost 500 editions strong

I tell ya, I have to give Ralph G. some credit... cranking out almost 500 weekly editions of his CAD newsletter.. kudos. What's amazing though is that in the entire time Ralph hasn't changed a thing... I guess if it aint broke don't fix it eh! The upFront.eZine has become a must read for the CAD user / CAD technogeek over the years, however, wouldn't you think that the early 90s text formatting would eventually change?? I like the publication but I'm anxiously waiting the day that it comes full fold and enters the new millenium and gets a new look, new design, facelift... or something... anything ;0) Keep up the good work Ralph - see http://www.upfrontezine.com/


Anonymous said...

The URL for the newsletter is http://www.upfrontezine.com/

And, I'd hardly say it was "dumped" out.

GISuser said...
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GISuser said...

thanks for the info on the link... oops! As for the "dumping" hey man, no harm meant (notice the refence now to CRANKING out the newsletter), you might simply wish to look at things in a bit more positive light rather than picking out things to whine about... try it! Out of respect for you (even though you've hidden behind an anonymous post) I'll gladly alter the term so as to no offend... Geesh! Cheers