October 22, 2006

event info - THE MAP DESIGNERS

FYI, an interesting event.. wish I could be there! November 17th, Glasgow - For the first time in the UK, and probably worldwide, this seminar  will  bring together cartographic designers, and designers from the  world of  media and GIS, to discuss how to make maps effective, exciting, irresistible and ...readable. Anyone who commissions maps, or who is involved in the making of maps, whether from GIS data or the imagination of the artist will be welcome at 'The Map Designers' seminar.  The seminar is designed for architects, surveyors, tourism, foresters, utilities, earth scientists, cartographers, graphic artists, and government; in fact every branch of society that uses or creates maps. We would especially like to welcome students from Scotland, the North East and further afield, with our incredible deal - £15 for a once in a lifetime  seminar! This amazing concessionary price is also open to all on proof of eligibility, i.e. unemployed, retired, BCS  Associate Members etc... THE MAP DESIGNERS  at The Lighthouse Scotland's Centre for Architecture and Design, Glasgow 17th NOVEMBER 2006

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