October 06, 2006

Forbes on Google - the road ahead, LBS ads, radio, and a formal developer program

Forbes online has just published an interesting piece that looks at the direction of Google.. this coming from the latest Zeitgeist event the company hosted. Some items of interest include the company's lead in their advertising solutions and the penetration they've made with mobile ads - great click-through due to the location sensitive aspect of this space. Also, the company's newspaper ads and coming soon Google radio ads... yes indeed, all keyword based as a focal point. And how about this little tidbit...  the company will soon come up with a formal program for developers using its open interfaces Apparently the plan down the road is for the developer program to become more centralized and orderly in an attempt to standardize and simplify it.. makes sense. For more see this great read at Forbes - http://www.forbes.com/business/2006/10/05/google-advertising-zeitgeist-tech-cz_qh_1005google.html

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