October 06, 2006

Give Geography its place... not a bad idea!

Dan shares this interesting resource with me... an organization devoted to giving Geography its place!  The GGiP Campaign (http://www.passion4geography.co.uk/)  has two key aims: 1. To raise the profile of Geography as an academic subject in all forms of the media (newspapers, magazines, the internet, tv, radio, advertising, etc). 2. To increase awareness of the importance of Geography and the vital role that it plays in schools, colleges and universities in preparing young people for the complexities of life in the 21st century. The group wants to recruit devoted followers that will help the cause to give geography and geographers the recognition they deserve. Check out the Guardian anti-geography quotes that they've compiled... its quite funny, however, its also amusing that the group is trying to put them in their place... kudos! Add your name to the growing list of supporters. See http://www.geointeractive.co.uk/petition.htm

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