October 24, 2006

Google AJAX Search API and Google custom search

Google has released a number of APIs for some sexpanded search capabilities this week. A new AJAX search API is one app available but perhaps of more interest is the availability of the Google custom search - a highly customizable option for putting search on your website. Include your favorite sites and exclude competitors etc... nice! See http://google.com/coop/cse/overview - I've been messing with it for a little bit and have added a custom search to GISuser.com (see the bottom content area of most pages. Its pretty basic to start but hopefully it will evolve if time permits! The optional annotations are very cool, essentially enabling users to build and maintain their own search engine.. imagine uploading all your wesbite paramters from an OPML file or other tab delimited file. Also very cool is the use of the Google Marker. I've now added this to my toolbar so whenever I hit a website that I'd like to include in the GISuser Google Search utility i simply add it to the growing list.. nice!

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David Gross said...

Doodle already did it. See at
http://www.flame-ware.com/Doodle/ .
Two patents pending protect the technology.